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Stanley Cutting Tools
Product Name:

"Stanley" Cutting Tools

Product Code: "Stanley" Cutting Tools
- Knives & Blades
- Planes & Irons
- Spokeshaves
- Glass Cutter
- Snips
- Pruning Shears
- Bolt Cutters
- Handsaws
- Backsaws
- Specialty Saws
- Hacksaws & Blades
- Wood Carving Set
- Mitre Boxes
Stanley Boring Tools
Product Name:

"Stanley" Boring Tools

Product Code: "Stanley" Boring Tools
- Bit Braces
- Hand Drills
- Powerbore Bits
- Countersinks
Plastic Coated Curtain Rod, White
Product Name:

Plastic Coated Curtain Rod, White

Product Code: Plastic Coated Curtain Rod, White
Color: White, Red, Green

Packing: 100 ft per box
Blind Rivet
Product Name:

Blind Rivet

Product Code: Blind Rivet
Material: Aluminium, Stainless Steel
Plastic Chain, Magnetic Door Holder
Product Name:

Plastic Chain, Magnetic Door Holder

Product Code: Plastic Chain, Magnetic Door Holder
23A Plastic Chain
23B Magnetic Door Holder

Plastic Chain
Color: Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Black, Green

Magnetic Door Holder
Color: Brown, Ivory, Grey
Caster, Wheel
Product Name:

Caster, Wheel

Product Code: Caster, Wheel
24A Thread Stem Type Caster
24B Top Plane Caster
24C Top Plane Ball Castor
24D Swivel Caster With Brake

Material: Nylon, Rubber, Cast Iron, Polyester
Type: Swivel, Rigid, With Brake
Model: Flat Bottom, Thread Stem, Insert Type, Single With Rolling Ball Bearing
Size:25mm - 250mm
Product Name:


Product Code: Hinges
18A Iron Hinges with Steel Washer
18B Brass Hinges with Ball Bearing
18C Self Closing Hinges, Antique Copper Finish
18D Iron Hinges
18E Stainless Steel Hinges with Nylon Washer

Material: Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel
Finish: Polish, Chrome Plated, Antique Copper, Brass Plated
Type: Self Closing Hinges, Hinges with Nylon Washer, Hinges with Steel washer,Hinges with Ball Bearing
Drawer Slide
Product Name:

Drawer Slide

Product Code: Drawer Slide
19A Drawer Slide With Bottom Mount
19B Drawer Slide With Ball Bearing

Material: Steel, Stainless Steel
Finish: White, Polish
Type: Bottom Mounted, with Ball Bearing
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