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Bath Room Accessory
Product Name:

Bath Room Accessory

Product Code: Bath Room Accessory
21A Water Tank Core
21B U Shape Bottle Trap
21C Bottle Trap
21D Plastic Toilet Seat

Type: Toilet Seat, Water Tank Core, Water Tank Auto Core, Pull Handle, Cistern Pull Handle, Cistern Handle, Floating Tap With Plastic/Copper, Floating Ball, Plastic Stop Valve, Plastic Bottle-Like Trap
Bath Room Accessories
Product Name:

Bath Room Accessories

Product Code: Bath Room Accessories
20A Stainless Steel Wire Flexable Hose
20B Shower Hose
20C Plastic Shower
20D Basin Wast Outlet Set

Bath Room Accessories
Flexable Hose
Material: Stainless Steel Wire, Aluminium Wire, Rubber
Type: FF Connector, FM Connector, MM Connector

Basin Waste Outlet Set
Material: Stainless Steel, Brass, Plastic
Connector: Female X Female, Female X Male, Male X Male
Cloths Hook, Rod Bracket
Product Name:

Cloths Hook, Rod Bracket

Product Code: Cloths Hook, Rod Bracket
17A Cloths Hook on Stainless Steel Plate
17B Towel Rail Bracket
17C Stanchion Socket
17D Brass Pipe Bracket, Bend

Material: Zinc Alloy, Brass, Stainless Steel
Finish: Chrome Plated, Brass Plated
Type: Straight Type, Bend Type, Flange, End Bracket, Middle Holder
Size:3/8" - 2"
Window Casement Accessories
Product Name:

Window Casement Accessories

Product Code: Window Casement Accessories
15A Brass Stay Bar
15B Hinge For Aluminium Window Frame
15C Brass Window Handle
15D Aluminium Window Handle

Material: Brass, Steel, Aluminium
Finish: Polish, Antique Copper, Natural
Use For: Steel Window Frame, Aluminium Frame
Type: Handle, Hinges, Stay Bar
Product Name:


Product Code: Locks
14A Entry Lockset
14B Cable/Bicycle Lock
14C Door Lock With Dead Bolt
14D Brass Pad Lock
14E Key Rim Cylinder

Entry Lockset
Pad Lock
Lock Cylinder
Cable/Bicycle Lock

Pad Lock
Material: Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron
Finish: Polish, Black
Size: 3/4" - 3"
Socket Bolt/ Barrel Bolt, Flush Bolt
Product Name:

Socket Bolt/ Barrel Bolt, Flush Bolt

Product Code: Socket Bolt/ Barrel Bolt, Flush Bolt
16A Brass Socket Bolt
16B Stainless Steel Flush Bolt
16C Aluminium Socket Bolt
16D Zinc Alloy Door Guard

Socket Bolt/Barrel Bolt, Flush Bolt
Material: Brass, Iron, Aluminium, Stainless Steel
Finish: Polish, Plain, Chrome Plated
Type: Straight, Bend
Size:1" - 36"

Safty Door Guard
Material: Brass, Iron
Finish: Polish, Chrome Plated, Copper
Type: Guard, Chain
Stainless Steel Ball Valve, 2-Pcs
Product Name:

Stainless Steel Ball Valve, 2-Pcs

Product Code: Stainless Steel Ball Valve, 2-Pcs
Material: Stainless Steel
Finish: Plain, Polish
Type/Model: 1-Pc, 2-Pcs, 3-Pcs
Size: 1/4" - 6"
Product Name:


Product Code: Screws
11A Screw Hook
11B Screw Hook & Eye
11C Self Drilling Screw
11D Wood Screw
11E Self Tapping Screw
11F Screw Eye

Material: Stainless Steel, Brass, Iron
Finish: Plain, Galvanized, Nickel Plated, Chrome Plated
Type: Wood Screw, Self Tapping Screw, Self Drilling Screw, Screw Hook, Screw Eye, Screw Hook & Eye
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